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Displacing Africa's indigenous food

Briefing paper

The African Centre for Biosafety has the pleasure of launching our new briefing titled: "GMOs in Africa: food and agriculture: Status report 2007".

This booklet is the 4th in our Biosafety, Biopolitics and Biopiracy Series. ISBN: 978-0-620-40099-2 By: Shenaz Moola and Victor Munnik

Objection to VAXXITEK + IBD chicken vaccine


The application is for a genetically modified virus (GMO) to be used as a vaccine for chickens. Vaxxitek HVT + IBD is a live vaccine based on the turkey Herpesvirus (HVT) expressing the VP2 transgene from the Infectious Bursal Disease Virus (IBDV).

Drug Companies Looting SA's bounty of Medicinal Plants


The government has stepped in to save a tiny South African plant from extinction after hundreds of tons were harvested for foreign drug companies, one of which has patented its use to fight HIV/Aids. Now traditional healers, who have used the plant for centuries, are trying to win back the patent which they claim is rightfully theirs. 

Thumbs down for GM Mosquitocide

Press release

The Executive Council acting under the Genetically Modified Organisms Act has rejected out of hand, an application by Biological Control Products SA (Pty) Ltd, to test in open water sources, a genetically modified mosquitocide. The mosquitocide has been genetically engineered to destroy mosquito larvae.