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Ground-breaking' victory for community against drug giant

Press release

From the Cape Times Newspaper - January 28, 2010 Edition 1 CRAIG MCKUNE MEMBERS of a small Eastern Cape community are elated after taking on a German pharmaceutical giant over a patent to produce extracts from two local plant species - and winning. "This is the first time that a patent is challenged successfully by Africans.

Genes from Africa: the colonisation of African DNA

?You people. We thought you folks had taken everything you could.
You took our land, you took our homes.
You stole our pottery and our songs and our blankets and our designs.
You took our language and, in some places, you even took our children.
You snatched at our religion and at our women.

Pirating African heritage: the pillaging continues


The cases of suspected biopiracy are summarized and discussed in a few paragraphs. Patent numbers and/or application numbers are provided for each, as well as contact information for the entity or entities that have lodged the patent claims.