Urgent call for African food sovereignty movements to connect with radical feminist movements on the continent


This article was first published on the Inter Press Service Agency, News Agency on March 8, as part of its coverage of International Women's Day.

Africa is facing dire times. Climate change is having major impacts on the region and on agriculture in particular, with smallholder farmers, and especially women, facing drought, general lack of water, shifting seasons, and floods in some areas. Small holder women farmers are at the cold face of agricultural biodiversity erosion, deforestation, declining soil health and fertility, land and water grabs by the powerful, and loss of land access, marginalisation and loss of indigenous knowledge, and generalised lack of essential services and support.

Failure of Monsanto’s drought tolerant maize pushed on Africa – confirmed in US


The ACB shares with you a blog written by ACB’s Sabrina Masinjila and KBIOC’s Anne Maina *

A recent United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) report confirms what independent biosafety scientists, and African civil society, have been stating all along: Monsanto’s drought tolerant (DT) maize (MON87460) does not work!

The USDA report reveals that performance of corn (maize) varieties transformed with the genetically engineered (GE) trait claimed to be DT is poor in terms of both yields and adoption rates, as compared with non-GE (conventionally bred) DT corn.