Advancing agroecology and farmer managed seed systems in Limpopo

At a dialogue on farmer managed seed systems and agroecology, held in Acornhoek, Limpopo on 20-22 January 2020, farmers and support organisations made clear that they want to see more government and policy support for agroecology and farmer managed seed systems, that they will work together to engage government in this direction, and that they will continue to strengthen their work on the ground with the new connections that were formed at the dialogue.

To read about the key action priorities that emerged, as well as for a summary of the discussions:

Click here for the briefing paper in English

Advancing agroecology and farmer managed seed systems in Limpopo

Click here for the briefing in Sepedi:

Go tšwetša pele bolemi bja tirišo ya tlhago le mananeo a dipeu ao a laolwago ke balemi ka Limpopo

Click here for the briefing in Tsonga:

Tindlela tintshwa ta ku rima ya masiku (agroecology) na maendlelo yo lawula mbewu hi varimi eLimpopo

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Muangano wa u etshedza mafhungo: U bvelaphanḓa na agirokholodzhi na sisiṱeme ya vhalimi ya u langa mbeu ngei impopo

This Limpopo dialogue followed on from an earlier exchange in 2019. To read that briefing in English click here. In 2019 a meeting was also held in the Eastern Cape around the same issues and the briefing in English can be found here.