African Social movements rise up against the UNFSS and the African Union’s blueprint for corporate capture of our food systems

Civil Society Statement

On 16 September, African social movements came together to discuss the upcoming United Nations Food Systems Summit (UNFSS), which takes place on the 23 September. On this day, the African Union (AU) will be presenting an African "common position".

As social movements in Africa we reject both the UNFSS and the AU's position, which allegedly represents all of us Africans, as further entrenchment of the corporate capture of our food systems.

The African Union Green Recovery Action Plan: Securing Africa’s ecological future or deepening imperialist extraction and inequalities?


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In July 2021 the African Union (AU) released a Green Recovery Action Plan for the continent, in the context of COVID-19 and climate change. The basis of the plan is that a “clean and resilient recovery in Africa will lead to employment in the industries of the future whilst ensuring that we address the linked challenges of public health, prosperity and climate change.” The plan is a sort of blueprint with which it encourages AU member states to align or develop national programmes and policies related to climate and biodiversity, along five priority areas.

ACB’s Commentary on An Africa-Europe Agenda for Rural Transformation: Report by the Task Force Rural Africa


The European Union (EU) is in the process of defining a new set of priorities in the African agricultural and food sectors, through the proposed implementation of the EU-Africa Alliance for Sustainable Investment and Jobs. Their Task Force for Rural Africa published a report with draft recommendations, which is oriented towards promoting the capitalist transformation of African agriculture, through a path of ‘accumulation from below’ based on: family farmers; participatory democracy and planning; policy space; technological improvement and efficiency; ecological balance; protection of land rights; and rural diversification.